Live Wires At Cary Street Cafe

For those of you who follow along –and if you’ve not yet acquired personally inscribed first editions of Carlisle Montgomery, well, you have two excellent chances up coming. 

Sun., Dec. 15, 2-5 p.m., the Chop Suey Books Brew-Ho-Ho at the Hardwood Park Craft Brewery on winding mysterious Ownby Lane. I’ll be there with a slew of other writers and their wares. 

Tues., Dec. 17, 5:30-6:30 I’ll be at the Cary Street Cafe, which plays a significant role in the novel (at least, its fictional variation). I’ll be accompanied by musicians Stevie Ray Williams and Eileen Edmonds. Who knows what else will happen. 

Watch this space for further details.

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