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Harry Kollatz Jr., a native Richmonder born in a hospital now gone condo and raised on an Edsel farm in Chesterfield County, is the senior writer at Richmond magazine, an historian prone to occasional spasms of theater, and a general bon vivant, raconteur and flaneur, and some other French words we can’t really use in a family environment.

He is the author of the novel Carlisle Montgomery and two works of regional history: True Richmond Stories and Richmond in Ragtime: Socialist, Suffragists, Sex & Murder.

He is perhaps best known in Richmond for his ‘Lee’s Chicken Sign Weather Report,” Richmond’s Most Trusted Name In Weather ®. When not in his office Mr. Kollatz exercises Bertha Sue, a rescue from the city pound and roams the planet with his wife, the artist Amie Oliver.

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“Carlisle Montgomery” can be ordered via the ORDER HERE PayPal link on the upper left hand corner of our home page. You can also — if you’re from ’round here, which is Richmond, Virginia — support your local booker by purchasing through Chop Suey Books, The Fountain Bookstore, Book People Richmond and from other fine independent sellers. Carlisle Montgomery is now available as an  eBook through eBookalchemy.

Chapter 32 FARE YOU WELL [excerpt]

Subject: Carlisle Montgomery, Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead, Brokedown Palace, Truckin’, Friend of the Devil, Longstreet’s, Wilmington, N.C., Harry Kollatz Jr., Richmond, Va., Kurt Cobain, Dr. John, Django Reinhardt, Rule of Party Bands Images: Photographer, Ashley Marie Myers. Subject: Andrea Whitt The Live Wires played Wilmington, N.C., on the day the world heard about the Grateful … Continue reading Chapter 32 FARE YOU WELL [excerpt]

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