Word For The Wise

I’ve received a wonderful invitation from Richmond’s In Your Studios to join the wonderful musician Elizabeth Wise and her Crew in a live Shockoe Sessions, 7:30 p.m., Tues., July 14. There’ll be a cameo appearance of “Carlisle Montgomery.”

A further word for the wise: The event will broadcast on IYE’s main Facebook page. The platform doesn’t allow streaming to event pages, and can on occasion cause confusion. (It’s happened to me).

One aspect of Elizabeth’s playing, as you’ll see, is she uses in this case a wine bottle for a slide. In an extensive portion I cut from the novel, Carlisle is in Europe and develops a fondness for yogurt and the little glass jars the stuff comes in. She ends up using that object as a slide for her Resonator. But that section went instead to the cutting room floor — and then I watched Elizabeth Wise do this, instead. Which seems even more Carlisle-y than I imagined. And I wished I’d put a scene like this in the book.

Here’s a clip of her playing at In Your Ear in 2018 — about the time I first heard Elizabeth perform. I was wowed by how her musicianship and stage presence resembled what in my head I’d conjured for Carlisle.

So tune in to see and hear on Tuesday.

From 2018:

Elizabeth Wise performing at a pre-streaming In Your Ear Shockoe Session in 2018.

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