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Harry Kollatz Jr., a native Richmonder, co-founded the former Firehouse Theatre Project, served as its president for eight years and assisted in starting the FTP’s successor, the 5th Wall. He’s a senior writer for Richmond magazine where his Flashback history column, at around 25 years, is itself almost historic. He also through the publication co-created the Theresa Pollak Prize for Excellence in the Arts which for 20 years recognized the region’s makers and creators. In addition to the 2018 novel Carlisle Montgomery, Harry is the author of two books of history, True Richmond Stories, a 2007 partial collection of Flashback pieces, and Richmond In Ragtime: Socialists, Suffragists, Sex and Murder (2008). He’s acted, written for the stage, and is called upon for historic perspectives and hosting duties. His partner-in-art Amie Oliver married into all this and generally puts up with Harry and his kakamamie ideas


Harry Kollatz Jr
Photo by Jay Paul


photo by Amie Oliver

February 2020, the Cary Street Cafe. Carlisle Montgomery lived during her youth two blocks away and practically grew up in his joint; her father Bobby performed in various bands here including, most famously, The Bounders & Rogues who played the songbook from Allman to Zevon. Here, though, its me backed by two fine musicians, longtime Carlisle friends Eileen Edmonds and Stevie Ray Williams.
Me along the Cary Street Cafe mural between a beguiling dancer and the Unwelcome Guest. Amie Oliver photo.

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